Giving away a free membership?

I have plenty of free membership I have claimed. I also have a 1 year free membership I have not claimed yet, how do I give away the one year free member ship.

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monsterlego5 years ago
PM whoever you're giving the membership to and give them the code needed to redeem the membership, then tell them to go to
then they type the code you gave them to activate the membership.
Josehf Murchison (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
Thanks I was pm by Mat and he told me to look at my messages they tell me how to give them away. Now I feel dumb.
Don't forget to credit monsterlego with "best answer" :)
astroboy9075 years ago
Dont feel dumb :) I asked nearly the same question not too long ago. Matt gets those a lot apparently...
Josehf Murchison (author)  astroboy9075 years ago
Matt must get a lot of these now. I thought I lost my memberships, my memberships weren’t lost, just for some reason when the one membership ended the other took two days to kick in and it wasn’t showing memberships. Just a new bug with the upgrade on the websight I guess.