Glowing LED arduino/ATmega/AVR question?

Hello!  I have an Arduino Duemilanove running a very simple glowing LED program. I plan to build a small device to house the LED and I was wondering what my options were for using a stand alone ATmega.  Most importantly I need to know how small or low voltage of a battery I can use to power the one LED and the ATmega.  I'm also open to any suggestions that go beyond the arduino.


Bot13985 years ago
I would suggest programming a Attiny 85 using your arduino here is a good instructable.If you use a standalone arduino that would quiet overkill it and would be costly to just make a LED glow.
janw6 years ago
use an Attiny if you want to save space. An attiny13V or attiny45V will run of 1.8V and even use only 240uA at 1Mz.
beingo_19906 years ago
if you want LED to shine ,LED of voltage common between 2.5V to5V;
for AVR,for example,mage8L working voltage between 2.7 to 5.5V,mage8 working voltage between 4.5 - 5.5V;
beingo means ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA8L :-)