Good Repurosing for an Old Office Swivel Chair?

I bought an old office chair at a garage sale today for a buck. Now, after rolling around the neighborhood in it like a maniac, its time to figure out a way to repurpose it. Any ideas?
I was thinking ethier using the base to make the Car Seat Office Chair ( ), or combine it with a bike, still with the office chair wheels on it, for a unquie ride. Any idea how to do the second one, or any other thoughts on how to repurpose it? Thanks!


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qwuery7 years ago
They're a good source of wheels. If one of those office chairs that used to but no longer goes up and down, taking only the wheels  requires only  10 secs to flip over the chair, take off the spring thing with a flathead screwdriver to release the gas piston+chair). things I've seen: attach a stool to make a rolling stool (more compact / good for working), make a rolling table (e.g. for laptop): take some pipe of appropriate diameter  to fit inside the cylinder space vacated by the gas cylinder, drive a pin through it to attach it to the chair,  then contrive some way to put a wooden platform on top (e.g. long thin plastic poked through holes in the vertical pipe like x, y axis and then stick the wood on top and drill from bottom up)
Larek8 years ago
Front yard, marry-go-round for garden gnomes, just remove the arm rests and back.
! xD ! (author) 8 years ago
is there any way it could go on the back fork?
gmxx ! xD !8 years ago
not easily... because the back fork is the drive wheel, it would not be easy to create a new drive system with it.
! xD ! (author)  gmxx8 years ago
Hmmm... do you think it'd be possible to move the drive system to the front wheel?
gmxx ! xD !8 years ago
not easily... remember the front wheel also does steering. which means that fork moves.
gmxx8 years ago
the twittering office chair. or to accomplish the bike idea, split the chair at the metal bravket under the seat, weld it the bike stem. then take the post with wheels brom the chair and attach it to the front fork.