Good name for website?

I'm creating a technology site, basically giving the latest news in technology, and a forum for computer troubleshooting and stuff like that. Any ideas for a domain name?

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Kiteman6 years ago
I find that a good name for many things is "Derek". Many things answer to Derek, even though few things are actually called Derek.

Try it on the next dog you meet.

. Not sure why, but that strikes me as hilarious. ROFLMAO
Qsam5 years ago
goodtechnews. intrestingtech. cntn(cool new tech news) nywr(news you wanna read) hope i gave u some inspiration :D
TechBudda sounds good
Dr. Pepper6 years ago, You can also go on and check other names if you want. Hope this helps and if you do set up the website let me know!