Good name for website?

I'm creating a technology site, basically giving the latest news in technology, and a forum for computer troubleshooting and stuff like that. Any ideas for a domain name?

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Kiteman6 years ago
I find that a good name for many things is "Derek". Many things answer to Derek, even though few things are actually called Derek.

Try it on the next dog you meet.

. Not sure why, but that strikes me as hilarious. ROFLMAO
Qsam5 years ago
goodtechnews. intrestingtech. cntn(cool new tech news) nywr(news you wanna read) hope i gave u some inspiration :D
TechBudda sounds good
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
www.breaking-tech-news.com, www.besttechnews.com? You can also go on www.godaddy.com and check other names if you want. Hope this helps and if you do set up the website let me know!