Good place to start for electronics?

I would like to start doing circuits and things with micro chips and electronic components. Any one know a good place to start?

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frollard7 years ago
bowdens hobby circuits

a search turns up:
search  TONNES of good stuff.  Don't buy anything, except perhaps components.

You want to learn the parts and logic before you move to microcontrollers.  Integrated circuits are a great way to learn. 

I recommend starting projects:  555 timers, crystal radio, oscillators, counters, and amplifiers.
Adum24 (author)  frollard7 years ago
This is a really cool website. Thanks for the suggestions everybody!
Wonderful site.  Even if you just want to look around.
framistan7 years ago
radio shack sells several electronic snap-together kits.  EXCELLENT way to learn electronics for the beginner because the kits allow you to build a couple hundred different projects.  At first, you wont have a CLUE what the parts are or what does what.  But soon you will learn a little here and a little there.  That is how I got started... back in 1970 using a radioshack 50 in one kit.  The kits are not cheap... but they are worth the money if you have a real interest in the subject because it can EASILY lead you into a good career for the rest of your life... and they are fun.  good luck
Robot Lover7 years ago
you could probably start with LEDs and motors. Thats the kinda stuff i started with.
Acepilot427 years ago
electronic snap kits. dont know where to get them tho