Good type/thickness for a clear acrylic sheet which may(will) be taking occasional impact?

I've got a martial arts gym setup in my basement, and we're tight on space. There's a lot of stuff I have hanging on the walls (sword racks, training pads, weaponry, the like) and I'm looking to put up some acrylic sheets or something similar, hinging up at the ceiling, so that that stuff is protected, and more importantly, that if a sparring session gets a little wild, nobody is going to get thrown against a wall of (potentially sharp) gear. 

Home Depot sells acrylic sheets, and I'm thinking I can fashion something workable to support them, but they're not super cheap, and I don't particularly want to waste money on something that will break the first time someone bumps into it. Any ideas? I'm not springing for bullet-proof glass- lemme rule that one out.

TL;DR: Impact-absorbing clear plastics, sold in ~40"x~20" sheets?

Lexan Polycarbonate.

Acrylic - WAAAAAY too brittle.
+1 Polycarbonate - Or just wooden doors - After all you know what is behind them or are they just for show?
+ another one on the wooden doors.
kytsunei (author)  caarntedd4 years ago
Wood would certainly be cheap, but it would also cover the windows, (sorry, should've mentioned) which are in the wall.