Good values for a beginner capacitor assortment?

Working at my desk, I realized I need a nice restock for my parts- I have a lot of resistors on order (pretty much the Radioshack assortment but cheaper), but I need capacitors. I dont know a whole lot of electronics, so I dont know what values are common and widely used- so I need to know what values would be good in a large capacitor assortment (Values anywhere from nf to 4700uf are available where I am ordering.. so a good large assortment)

iceng5 years ago
You never know how long the sales will last.
Use the lowest cost shipping as these components don't get damaged
in transit even if the box gets crumpled.

iceng5 years ago
Here is a place I have purchased items over the years with satisfaction.
They offer 1000 capacitors for $10 that is 10¢ each.  Go for it !!!! .....    A
David975 years ago
I saw this. It may be usefull.