Graduation party ideas?

Just wondering if anyone has any clever little graduation themed snack food ideas, games, decorations, food items, etc. for a graduation party. Invitations are already made so I need to figure out everything but that! Thanks ahead of time!

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sshuggi5 years ago
Is it college or high school? And if it's high school, what college are they planning to go to? (if any)
cheeriokate (author)  sshuggi5 years ago
College, and it's not for me :)
Well, you could have the colors and mascot of the college for the theme. You're going to need food. If you go with outdoors, hamburgers and hotdogs are a good choice with drinks in a cooler. Any more fancy than that, get it catered, because that would be waaay to much work if you plan on making your own snacks/desserts. You need places for people to sit and mingle, older people like mingling...
As for games, you kind of need to fit it to the crowd: young/old, guys/girls, lazy/energetic. I'm thinking tailgating games for the college crowd? You could always go with a throwback theme and have a bunch of 90's stuff to remind them of how easy life used to be. Play some old cartoons, break out a Nintendo, I'm sure they have 90's trivial pursuit.
As for the snacks and such, it'd be kind of hard to bake/make a bunch of stuff custom to the graduation. What you could do is arrange a bunch of purchased foodstuffs in a meaningful way. Like, spell out 'Congratulations' or 'Class of 2011' with a whole bunch of snack cakes. Get a bunch of different types and flavors so you have a background, accents, border, etc. They've got a lot of different colors of chips, you could try and find some in his/her school colors. That sort of thing.

Hope I gave you some ideas to run with.
yokozuna5 years ago
onrust yokozuna5 years ago
A true timeless classic!
cheeriokate (author)  onrust5 years ago
Family may be there too haha
iceng5 years ago
Got to be college graduation party, you did put 22 on your page.
You could make corsage squares for the ladies.  Or just serve
Harvey Wallbangers for the crowd. . . . . . . .  A