Great Class, Becky. I learned a lot!?

Bellow, one of my IoT instructables, written for NodeMCU:

Bellow, the project inside another box installed in my kitchen.

Saludos from the south of the world!


(Please do not forget to ask tech people to fix lesson 1. It is never appears as 100% and the course is not complete)

Picture of Great Class, Becky. I learned a lot!?
bekathwia4 months ago

Hey, that's awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Could you post it as an "i made it" on one of the lessons instead of a Question in the Q&A section? I realize that's a bit pedantic but it's the easiest way for others to see your work at the bottom of the lesson.

mjrovai (author)  bekathwia4 months ago

Thank you.

Sure, I can included some similar Instructables that I already made at each lesson. I really love Instructable! I am an old dinosaur always looking learning and share electronics!

BTW, I started the RPi class! ;-)