Ground chip in wireless devices?

Same as subject is there a universal frequency ground chip one wireless devices?

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No idea what your talking about. Are you looking for a specific IC or or you trying to find the ground in a wireless device?
wiccakingkamui (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
I mean all the different types of signals must falter in the way they intersect deplorable for instance do me devices compensate with a ground to stop a "signal storm"
wiccakingkamui (author)  wiccakingkamui4 years ago
Deplorable= dropped calls me=wireless
There is nothing you can do about dropped calls. If your wireless carrier has a bad network or too many people on that network you'll get dropped calls. It isn't a matter of signal being crossed, either inside the device or in the air. If the device is a well made device it will have the proper shielding to help prevent interference.