Growing Tomatoes from Seed ?

I am looking for an article on How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed written by a user name (???)cat(?????).  I am able to find this article on Google , however, I am unable to get a downloaded PDF file as a Pro Membership to your site says I can do.  How do I find this article ???

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rickharris5 years ago
Find some good growing medium, common potting compost contains few nutrients.

Select your chosen seed, NOTE a lot of Toms are F1 hybrids and are sterile so use a commercial seed.

Sow seed onto damp compost and keep well watered and warm (a green house is ideal) for 3 or 4 weeks - Tomatoes will grow" in fact far more than you need. so sell the excess for more seed next year.

Plat out when about 4 to 12 inches tall.

Toms need a LOT of water. and highly fertile ground.

Only pro members can download PDFs. Pay up, or copy down.
Might the 'ible be
by catman529?

I found this article using that button in the upper-right portion of the page, the one that says "Google(tm) Custom Search" on it.
Dang, I forgot to link to the 'ible! Here:
Re-design5 years ago
You don't seem to be a PRO member. Or at least it's not showing up on your username.