Guidance or basics to shingle roof repair??? Any one?

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jstrong1964 years ago
I don't know a whole lot about roofing, but I had some bad problems with my shingle roof last year. I was told to check out I'm glad I did. They did an awesome job! They may be able to offer some insight. Hope everything turns out ok!
EmmaCay4 years ago
For the best answer you might want to contact a professional Vancouver roof repair company.
dgretzky4 years ago
Thanks for the link, Burf. I've been looking for resources on roof repair in Vancouver, since I've noticed a few minor problems with mine.
jnorris115 years ago
Awesome question. I don't know much about roofing repairs but the internet is the right place to find the answer. Hope this helps with your problem.
if you're talking about asphalt shingles, maybe this would help
Burf6 years ago
You neglect to say what kind of shingles need repair but here is a pretty good DIY guide for minor roof repairs: