Guide for display 2nd line 16x2 LCD,Please

Dear All.
I have seen this site :
and following  from the author guide:
 (Start) set D3 D2D1 D0 =0 >set EN=1and return 0> set D3...D0 =0 and continue..(please see  the instruction on this site )
I have successfully displayed what I want on the lcd 1st row but not able to display anything on the 2nd line…
( I know very little in the word programmer computer)
Please help.. let me know the instruction to take the cursor to the 2nd line. Thank you in advance  for your time.
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iceng5 years ago
Add 192 to get the second line less if it is a short column lcd.
lam (author)  iceng5 years ago
Very helpful.Thank you a lot Iceng.
A. has it.

The display driver chip is designed for much "bigger" display - one more characters on each line. Its up to the user to shift the CG pointer to the "right" place.

lam (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thank you so much Steveastrouk for your help and the time for reply.