Guitar wah pedal?

Question, I would like to build a simple wah circuit, and i looked in and it gave one result but the circuit was a distortion pedal, it was weird, but anyways, ive heard that wah's are easy to build the circuit but the build is hard, the pedal part. sooo any circuits anyone knows of? thank you!!!

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While you are at it, bookmark GEOFX, and look at his WAH page. You'll find some really great stuff there. The one shown is almost exactly the same as the Dunlop version, but it is easier to buy parts for it. He even gives you some ideas on mods.

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gmoon6 years ago
By far the most common wah circuit is one based on the original Vox/Thomas Organ wah--which eventually was picked up by everyone and eventually became the Crybaby (currently owned by Dunlop). Here's a PDF with some variations.

Most wahs are very similar, mostly because the classic circuit is an LCR filter (which utilizes an inductor) and has resonance--and that sounds good with guitar.

There are other circuit types such as the "Twin-T" variable filter that don't need an inductor. They aren't quite as popular.
ski4jesus (author)  gmoon6 years ago
Thank you sir.
rickharris6 years ago
There are LOADS of wahwah circuits on line from optical coupled devices to traditional Pots.
orksecurity6 years ago
Try searching for "wahwah pedal circuit".