Gymnastic Rings mounting?

I'm trying to think of a good way to mount my wooden rings I made. I'm thinking of something like the design in the photo. Its made of 1" angle iron and square tubing and would be atached to a 12"x6" joist that is visible in my house. The metal is welded together Through the hole in the bottom  would put an eyebolt and bolt it in. I welded a nut to a large washer for the support under the tubing and I would use a washer and two nuts on top to help prevent it from loostening. I'm thinking of using lock tight on the nuts. Any suggestions? If I should post more views tell me and I'll render more views. I'm not going to be doing anything crazy, like giants or bails, mainly strength, like crosses and planches/?multicies?.

Picture of Gymnastic Rings mounting?
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aeray6 years ago
It seems like overkill to me. Why not just put two 3/8" shank lag eyes into the beam?
frollard aeray6 years ago
I would worry about any welds holding up to repetitive stress over time.

If author really wanted it wouldn't be a stretch to have a 6 inch wide clevis type device that bolted through the beam- but you don't want to remove too much material from the beam.
snowluck2345 (author)  frollard6 years ago
I was originialy thinking of that, I was just worried about aligning the bolts when drilling the holes.
only one hole drilled, 6 inches long, and one bolt goes through it. Take the others advice and use the lag bolts.
snowluck2345 (author)  aeray6 years ago
Its hard for me to get my parents to let me drill a hole in it and I want to do a welding project.
Burf aeray6 years ago
My thoughts too, except I would use 1/2" x 6" lag eye screws. A 12" x 6" beam is beefy enough to easily hold them.