HELP! How can I get my bracelets organized so that I can see them & of course wear them??

I have a bit more than 10 bracelets made up of leagues and another bit more than 10 that are hard made. [can´t bend them] How can I organize them!? Actually I got them all spread out in a pencil box, not being able to see quickly what I've got! D: HElp! pleasee!! :D 

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acidbass7 years ago
get a piece of corkboard or a magnet board and use big thumbtacks (magnet boards there are magnets that look like thumbtacks) and then hang them on the board
bowser827 years ago
Well, actually there's no need for me to reply because I see you found my instructable already hahaha Hope you'll enjoy one for yourself soon! regards!
I can't seem to upload a picture for some reason but what about using a coffee mug tree?

They usually can be found in charity shops for very little cost.,6%20cup-oak.jpg
rickharris7 years ago
A horizontal cross will allow you to place your jewellery on display.
Seconded -- a vertical wooden stand with dowels drilled into the vertical support is great for holding jewellery like this.
Kiteman7 years ago
Get a big board, and cover it with a random mixture of nails, screws and cup-hooks.