HELP! How do I get rid of a Virus?!?!?

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N1CK4ND08 years ago
Best free anti-virus software I have come across would have to be Avast!
It blocks viruses from getting onto your computer in the first place, and easily detects and removes any existing ones. Since using it, there have been many viruses trying to get onto my computer, but Avast has blocked every single one. It even got rid of the existing virus I was stuck with. Here is a link to Avast's homepage, don't worry if your "license" expires, it will still be free for you to use. Trust me, you will thank me. :]
Kaiven (author)  N1CK4ND08 years ago
N1CK4ND0 Kaiven8 years ago
Anytime, I personally know how you feel with the virus issue, I was the same way haha. I was forced to do a full HD wipe and re-install... An unneeded task; I wouldn't want anyone else to have to do that :]
Kaiven (author)  N1CK4ND08 years ago
I already had to do that... 4 times. I hope avast! will prevent this from happening again. Thanks again!
i use avira.
briackman8 years ago
can you just remove the hard drive and put a fresh one in???
 Yeah, but why waste the money to do that, when you can format it for free? I understand if you lack technical prowess, but a quick Google can teach you pretty easily.
bobhill1258 years ago
easyest way norton AVG or Mcaffe
if you are a semi-geek you could boot off of a flash drive/floppy/cd and delete it that way, thats what they do at computer places
I3uckwheat8 years ago
Maybe try to identify the virus and tell us what it does and maybe some one will tell you how to delete it manually.

Btw, Here is a helpful link to a free anti virus it solved my problems: the link download the free version at the bottom. Hope i helped :P
bylerfamily8 years ago
Take it to a computer shop and have it cleaned.
UziMonkey8 years ago
There are ways to remove them, but there's not guarantee that it's gone. If you have a virus, back up your data and reinstall. Next time, use and antivirus, keep your computer updated and exercise responsibility.