what was in water something like crayfish but without pliers and tail and smaller, going on bottom of my looks strange with its legs!! i am scared HELP!!! I am scared!!!

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iPodGuy7 years ago
Can you get a picture?
h0meIandsecurity (author)  iPodGuy6 years ago
i now know!!! YESSSS! I am so happy! It is dragonfly! And it is eating tadpoles! So next time i will instantly when i get home on summer holiday 15th June or something like that see if there will be any uneaten tadpoles and kill dragonfly babies, so there will be more tadpoles and frogs in swamp? Is this good Idea?!
h0meIandsecurity (author)  iPodGuy7 years ago
no, i broken mobile phones all i had, i broke everything because i expeeriment with it.............but i am going one week to home tomorrow and i am gonna check if they are steel there and will catch one in something and bring it there or draw it.........i will see!
jeff-o7 years ago
A baby crayfish?
afridave7 years ago
its a kraken