Hi Instructabillians I have a dream. I want to make a atm machine. I doesn't have to be as secure like a bank atm but I want to make it so the cash comes out of my safe (door open). But I need a rough design to build of. It doesn't have to have a pin system, but one would be nice :) If I am going to make it run by a computer I also need to figure out how to connect my PC to the atm and I would also need a software solution Any help would be appreciated Thanks Orro

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frollard8 years ago
Interesting thought on the topic:

The cassettes do all the magic of dolling out the cash onto a conveyor belt. That's all held inside the safe.
Orro (author) 7 years ago
I have just got 2 REAL ATM Safes.
But cutting holes in em might be hard.
Cause they are made out of 11mm steel.
any thoughts???
jj378 years ago
I smell an arduino project.
Orro (author)  jj377 years ago
Haha i dont have any programing exeperence at all
And i dont have an arduino
lemonie8 years ago
Having a spare printer would be a good idea - got one? You just fit a lock to the paper tray and have the computer print blank pages on the cash. L
That's a great thought in the right direction, since the hardest part is going to be the mechanical and getting it to pay out the right amount each time. The electronics are always doable.
Maybe one could reverse engineer or hack a money counting machine...
robotguy48 years ago
Hmmmm... I have a thought. What if you built the entire system into a safe? And to access it, you need to unlock the safe? Would that work? Of course, this could defeat the purpose of the device itself, unless you are trying to get 100 $20 bills on demand. Then that would probably make more sense.
gmxx8 years ago
use a reciept printer, with dollars taped together. on the computer, you'll print a blan page, the length of a dollar. for a pin, you could make an application run on login in windows, then use a password protected account on the computer. or code your own solution.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get a rubber wheel to slide one dollar at a time you would probably need to do some programing to make it work