Ma Barley (me) is now living in with the locals on the island of Roatan.  I STILL NEED YOUR HELP (asked now for a few years) to find ways TO RECYCLE PLASTIC BOTTLES INTO PLASTIC BRICKS, BLOCKS, CYLINDERS for the poor to build with.  ALSO, How the heck do they in the Middle East turn plastic bottles into those THIN HOLLOW PLASTIC TUBES that they then weave into such COOL RUGS?  HELP!

June, 2012.  Still working on finding a solution to this problem.  Have sold my lake home and am dedicated to spending the rest of my life making life better for those that can't without a little help.  WILL YOU HELP ME...HELP THEM?  Please continue BRAINSTORMING the possible solutions to this and other options for recycling waste.

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marthafk7 years ago Here is a man who built a house out of glass bottles; but there is no reason why it would not work with plastic bottles that could be filled with sand, then set into place. . . the technique is similar to cordwood construction. The material he is mixing is sand + cement to make the mortar between the courses. I suspect the biggest challenge would be to keep the walls plumb and level. Also, you'd need to have some structural elements. Best of luck! You might spend time on the Mother Earth News website or discussion boards. Marthafk Texas
Kiteman7 years ago
Roatan is a tourist location - why not turn the bottles into things to sell to the tourists?

Model crab.


Search for "bottle art"
Have you seen this one?

Making fibers from recycled bottles is a major manufacturing process that requires specialized machinery. Basically they clean the bottles, chop them up into flakes, heat the flakes into pelltes, then run the pellets through an extruder to make whatever shape. It's not really something you can effectively DIY on a large scale.

You can, however, build an injection molding machine that is fairly inexpensive and will use PET from bottles. Vince Gingery has written an excellent book detailing how to build this exact thing. Google "Gingery Plastic Injection Molding Machine" for find a copy of the book.
jeff-o7 years ago
Chances are, it's melted down and extruded into tubes.  But I don't know for sure.
Jayefuu7 years ago
You should contact the Waste for Life initiative. They do a lot of interesting research into the reuse of materials.