HELP!!! MY cat won't eat or drink, what do I do?!?

More info...

>She's 13 years old

>She's getting too thin

> she hasn't moved

> but she doesn't seem to be in pain

I don't get it, and I don't want to go to a vet until I have an idea of what might be happening.

<UPDATE> thanks everybody! she's back to normal :)

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Vyger4 years ago
I just noticed the more info you added. It helps

First, 13 is getting pretty old for a cat, so there are old age issues that start happening. Things like arthritis start happening and that slows anyone down.
Animals and people often start getting thinner when they get older, so it might just be a normal aging thing. Something that can help there is a diet designed for older cats. There are a number of foods that older cats have less trouble with eating.
Another thing that can happen is they can develop problems with their teeth. If you can get it to let you, look in its mouth and see if it has any sores or even missing teeth. If their gum's hurt its going to effect their appetite.
Another possibility is worms and parasites. Cats pick up a lot of these and over time they can become serious. You can buy cat dewormer at most pet stores. If you have never done it, I would start there.

So, get some dewormer and some food for older cats and see if it helps. Check for trouble with its teeth. If you don't start seeing improvement in a month then there might be a more serious problem.

One special note, Do NOT give it aspirin. Its poisonous to animals unless you give it in the precise amount.
David974 years ago
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jrg3ni0us (author)  David974 years ago
Not funny. Not funny at all
Vyger & yokozuna gave excellent advice.
Cats sometimes also eat inappropriate objects which will mess up their systems and require medical intervention. If kitty is acting unwell, he/she needs a vet. I noticed by your profile that you are too young to hold a regular job. Your parents may be willing to pay for a vet visit as an early birthday/other occasion gift. You could also ask if it would be possible to work off kitty's vet bill by doing extra chores around the house that you would normally be paid for. Or offer to "pay it forward" by doing something good for someone else. Parents tend to appreciate thoughtfulness.
iceng4 years ago


Well played sir, well played.

lemonie iceng4 years ago

You beat me to it, well done.

iceng lemonie4 years ago
lemonie is who originally found that wonderful  Monty Python
"Confuse-A-Cat" healing video presented above.  
If it, the video tickles your fancy or whatever you call your cat, then
the Best Answer should rightly go to lemonie for disposing
of your cat problem :-)

This is the best free advice out there.




If you're broke, try the Blue Cross.
rickharris4 years ago
find out why - If the cat isn't ill or dead then it's eating elsewhere.
Vyger4 years ago
Just because you don't see it drinking doesn't mean that its not. It might have found somewhere it likes better. Some of my cats love the water in the bottom of the tub after someone takes a shower. They wait at the door and rush in so they can jump in. One jumped into a tub half full one time.
Bigger question is if the other end is working. Is it still using its litter box? If the answer is yes then its getting food somewhere else.

If the answer is no then you might have a problem. Poison is a possibility. Cats love antifreeze and it will kill them if they drink it. The new stuff has a bitter taste added to it to try and keep animals out of it.
Need more info, and play detective to find out just what is going on before you panic.
yokozuna4 years ago
Provide more information and/or take it to a veterinarian. As previously commented in the answers section medical advice is usually worth what you pay for it.