Is it better to run 120v wiring to each pot, or run 2 wire 18 gauge cable to a central box.
LED's are 12v 3w dimable.
I would like to dim from 2 to 10 pots per switch.
Where would I put the transformer.
Could you suggest a  wiring diagram.

A pot is very specifically a "Potentiometer" which we all understand is a variable resistor. You do NOT want to use Pots to control LED brightness.

Either that or he's trying to grow weed.

iceng11 days ago

Dear NEIDO you need to take the LED class parts 1,4 and 5...


120v can really hurt you and you don't even know why...

Do the whole class man..

Do you want to dim the pots individually? Then you need a dimmer for each pot.
If you want to "dim" them light a lightbar from one side to the other you need a controller for this.
Transformer should be placed dry and be able to provide more than4A so it won't overheat.
How you need to wire depends of exactly you want to dim so please specify this a bit more.