how do i make a nes game. its driving me nuts and ive been wanting to do it for a while.

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rickharris6 years ago
They are programming languages. how are you getting on with the languages suggested in answer to your previous questions??

There isn't a simple and quick way to do this - Your going to HAVE to spend the time to learn to programme in some kind of language.

No short cut No magic wand No instant simple to use programming tool you can pick up and go without making an effort yourself.

BUT it's not impossible, lots of people learn to program every year.

Go back and reread the previous answers.
lemonie6 years ago

You don't.
It's far too difficult if you don't have any ideas where to start from.

zombeastly (author)  lemonie6 years ago
ok i want to make a beat em up now what
thanks so much

That could be simple-ish, but have a look for development software (and that..)


chipper356 years ago
Well, I'm going to presume here that you're quite young. I'd suggest spending about 7 months learning Assembly and C........then come back and ask again. Homebrew carts are hard to program.
zombeastly (author)  chipper356 years ago
this is gonna sound stupid but what r those???