Does any one know how to make a cheap 8 channel rc transmitter and reciver for a rc plane from scrath or house hold don't ask me to hack a rc car pls explain in detail and instuctable...thanks in advance

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kelseymh1 year ago

Yes, people do. Go and look.

mihir.sahu.355 (author)  kelseymh1 year ago

where i look suggest any site

Google. Stop being lazy and try doing your own work. Next time, show us what searches you have done and explain why none of the results are what you want.

mihir.sahu.355 (author)  kelseymh1 year ago

i look at google and other site but they do not contain to make one they contain how to use one

Buy one....

or buy two

can you stupid people shut up and somebody answer the question in a smart way rather then criticizing him about something you don't know if it even exists

rickharris1 year ago

Repeating the question will not get you a better answer.

mihir.sahu.355 (author)  rickharris1 year ago

oh yes it will

Buy one....