i was dating this girl whom i really love and her dad forced her to break up with me because he doesnt like me but i dont get why he doesnt like me he has never even met me. im all about respect and this is the first time this has happened to me i just need some ideas on what i can do to get her back in my life PLEASE HELP ME??????

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cool knex135 years ago
Well you have got to sit down with her dad and explain how you are going to treat her.
Adjuster-X5 years ago
Okay this is recent serious and weird call the girl and ask to speak with the dad and ask if he can interview him I don't know how old u are but if he asks something like will u every have sex with my girl behind my back u should say not without your permission after marriage be respectful dress nice be friendly calm and good luck
ilpug6 years ago
Just go meet him face to face, be yourself, so he actually knows what you are like. Ask his permission to date his daughter. If he is any kind of a reasonable guy, and you seem to him to be a good guy, then it should work out.
If he's never met you, this is a knee-jerk reaction - "No one is good enough for my daughter". I am glad I have a son so that I do not have to deal with my husband's reaction to guys being interested in his daughter.

I agree with the posters who say to try to meet him face to face. He might like it if you ask his advice on something (for real, NOT phoney), like which volunteer project you should do for your senior year service requirement or something. Or which car you should get when you are ready to buy one.

If you have offensive bumper stickers on your car, scrape them off. No matter how polite you act, if the car screams "meth-head pimpmobile" no parent in their right mind is going to let their offspring go anywhere with you.

If all else fails, be patient. When she turns 18, she can date who she likes.
Even if you are all about respect, he probably doesn't know that. If you tell him, he's probably heard if before from other people who aren't. You simply need to prove it. How to go about doing this? I would suggest spending time around him somehow. If you and this girl like each other, you must be spending time at her house, right? Well, you need to meet her dad, talk to him, and get him to see you you really are. Once he sees who you really are, he'll respect you and not have a problem with you dating his daughter. I think he's just being protective of his child, which is entirely reasonable. If I had a daughter, I would be wary of any boy she started dating that I had never met before.

Best of Luck!
canucksgirl6 years ago
Something tells me that if her dad is involved your young enough to move on an mend your wounds... you may say you "love her" but I doubt you were planning a walk down the aisle.

It's my belief that if a parent intervene's, there is little you can do about it.
frollard6 years ago
With the caps lock key and several apostrophes.
And he reached a Full Stop.
As a father of three girls here's a few pointers.

You talk of respect, show it by respecting his wishes. Period.

Dad's all were young once and we remember what guys are like. Don't sugar coat things and say I'm not like all the rest. From a dad's point of view you are and always will be. Period.

Speaking for myself (and probably most Dad's) we know. We don't have to meet you to know you. We may know your brother, friends, father, uncles, or other people you don't know that know you.  We Dad's know how to find out things about people. When you become a father you will learn this. Trust me WE KNOW.

And above all else remember this.
Dad's are the first man in that girls life, we wont give that up easy!
I agree totally.
lemonie6 years ago
Her dad, her problem
This girl needs to sort it, out not you.

Look up "Song to be sung by the father of infant female children" by Ogden Nash....

It won't help, but it might explain.....
Vyger6 years ago
As a dad with a daughter I don't know if such a thing is possible. After the huge investment we put into them anything less than spectacular is not good enough. I mean think about it, I put a life time commitment into keeping her alive and high functioning, then some guy comes along and wants to mess around for a few months and then move on leaving me with the mess to deal with. Its all and forever or nothing in my book.
Oh, I forgot, I am part of the deal also, because after I get to feeble to care for myself then that becomes a responsibility that falls on you, in addition to any other little problems of your own that you might create along the way. You up for that?
If she's listening to her dad and not wanting to be with you then you have to let it go. If not, she'll find a way to be with you. Either way it's her decision and you just have to let her decide.