Please help me get some security on my own room! my little brothers keep going into my room; it would be great to hear some good ideas from you experts! Oh By the way please can somebody tell me how to put securtity camaras; locks ets please thanks you guys!

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frollard6 years ago
Step one: purchase security hardware
Step two: install security hardware based on the instructions.

It all comes down to 'how hard' you want it to be to get in. There is no such thing as 'totally impervious' to attack, just differing levels of how difficult it is to get in. To stop 'little brothers' it probably takes a locking doorknob. Even a privacy knob should work so long as they don't know how to jimmy it.

Cameras, recording, and logging get expensive fast. If you already have a computer, then you can get security webcam software to record whenever they see motion.
Excellent advice. Keep It Simple.

I would add: Don't forget safety. It *IS* a valid concern; you _must_ be able to open the door in a second or so in pitch darkness, or you risk being trapped if there's a fire or other emergency.

I'd also add: Talk to your parents about this. You will need their permission. They are much, MUCH more likely to permit it if they have copies of the key. And they may have experience replacing knobsets, in which case they can help you install the locking knob.

And you really do want them to have the key, because sooner or later your brother is going to sneak in and lock _you_ out just to be annoying. You want them to be able to let you in and evict him.

^^^And trust him, he's got 'security' in his name.
And I was an older brother.
See, I was the YOUNGER brother, so I know all the tricks to find stuff that shouldn't be found :D
i bought a cheep web camera that came with some motion sensing software, you could buy a web camera and hide it and then let it run while your away. Just turn off your computer monitor so that its not obvious that your recording stuff.

Also if privacy is a concern then just ask your parents to invest in a plastic foot locker. You can get one for less than 20 bucks and put a combo lock on it. it should be big enough for your valuable/sensitive items.

lastly find out why your brother is going through your stuff, maybe he is just nosy or wants to connect to you in some way?