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Wolf Seril8 years ago
1ST- STOP YELLING!!!!!1!!!!eleven!!!!11!!!1!! 2nd- make them repeat it. Try tying one shoe for them (slowly!), then have them do the other. Doing it for them all the time will never work. 3rd- only use one method. If you have been doing the bunny-ears method, keep doing that. If you are doing it the traditional way, keep doing that (although i find the bunny-ears method is much easier, even for fully grown adults). I didn't learn how to tie my own shoes until 3rd grade because my parents didn't follow the second and third steps. They never all-caps yelled at me, though.
do the bunny ears method
frollard8 years ago
Yell the instructions at him.
Heh. You're a dad, aren't you?
I'm noticing more-than-average ad-hominem lately :D ...anyhoo... No - not yet, hopefully not for at least half a decade. I'm almost 26, getting married in about 2 weeks. :)
Congratulations? How 'bout condolences!!!?
there are both views - I'll reserve judgment for another twenty (at least) years of how many quantas of satisfaction can be shared between us. :D
That simply does not work..... unless you threaten him with mild violence too.
That was more of a satire answer- based on the formatting of the question....'yell'...
I got it. I was just adding to the ridiculousness:-)
Go to Youtube and type in Spongebob Squarepants Loop De Loop Song.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
You can look at the other instructables but it might be easier if you can find an older kid to to teach your kid. Give them some laces to play with or make one of those shoe mockups made from holes punched in cardboard with the laces and shoe drawn on it to practice with. Bunny ear loops and knot it through. Don't get discouraged that the knot always comes out uneven or loose. They will not get the concept of double knotting until they get older. Good luck.