how do you make fuel out of algae and how would you use it

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plerno6 years ago
Is it possible to squeezze out the oil and then use the remaining substance to ferment into bioethanol?Or is that a bit to much to ask?
Burf7 years ago
1) Dry it, compact it, then convert it to charcoal.
2) Run it through a digester and capture the methane gas.
3) Extract the natural oils in the algae.
4) Find or develop an algae that naturally excretes oil.
bossmansam (author)  Burf7 years ago
How do you turn it into charcoal
Cook it in a low-oxygen atmosphere (a quick search of this site will reveal several methods).
Burf bossmansam7 years ago
The same way you make charcoal out of wood, heat it in a low oxygen (pyrolysis) container until it is carbonized.
5) Find a version which produces enough sugar/starch to be fermented for alcohol.

Websearch will probably find some other approaches. None of them are particularly easy to do in small quantities; few of them produce enough energy to be commercially viable though some are getting close.
lemonie7 years ago

Have you asked this question anywhere else?

YOu extract vegetable oil from it