(FIRST TIME EVER)? OK we met at the start of term 2 last year at this little school we went there for term 2 we came friends and i no a little about her she is a year older then me i see her 4 for about 30 Min's in the morning on aw own when we met at the same station we hop on the same train we both get off at the same station then we get off and then she goes to her school and i go to mine i cant stop thinking of her no matter wats happening every tim i see her i get butterflies i have never told a girl that i have like them or ever asked some1 out in my hole life and im 14 and i have never been out with any one or kissed any 1 wat a boring life i have

DaMan881 month ago

I like this girl, and she likes me back. She is now dating my friend. I want to ask her out because the relationship between them is fading, but the breakup would be awkward, because they are on the same bus, and live in the same neighborhood. What should I do? I don't want to force a breakup, but I want to go out with her. Help me out guys.

PeoM2 months ago

I am 11 years old and i like a girl. My sister told me that the very same girl likes me, but i am too shy. P.S I am in grade 6

PeoM2 months ago

I am 11 years old and i like a girl. My sister told me that the very same girl likes me, but i am too shy. P.S I am in grade 6

PeoM2 months ago

I am 11 years old and i like a girl. My sister told me that the very same girl likes me, but i am too shy. P.S I am in grade 6

PeoM2 months ago

I am 11 years old and i like a girl. My sister told me that the very same girl likes me, but i am too shy. P.S I am in grade 6

I'm 11 I've been with my girlfriend for a week and I'm soooooooooo exited because sometime this week I'm gonna get my first kiss and if my parents find out about any of this they're gonna kill me. Because I'm not supposed to do dating, kissing, or anything like that yet. I can't sleep without assuming that I'm gonna fail or something like that and I'm gonna look bad in front of her and then I will be heartbroken for a VERY long time and oh my God the suspense is freaking KILLING ME!!!!

dude I kissed a girl when I was 5 keep it casual when you see her but not too casual

I've had a crush on a girl that I think

Likes me but she's all going crazy because she don't know that I have a crush on her and my friend got mad and punched me #im11

lover boy 108 months ago

im 10 and i love a girl but nobody in the fourth likes me everybody thinks im a dumb dork

fist of all ur only ten. U probs dnt even kno wat love really is. right nOw u should just focus on u and find where u fit in. then people wnt think of u as a dork and u will meet someone who likes u for being who u really r.

AlanA15 months ago

Im 11 and I like this girl I know she likes me but I don't have the guts to ask her out. My friends will make fun of me if I ask her out. What do I do?

osc127731 year ago
cn any one help me cos theres this girl in most of my classes and ive like this girl for over 2 yrs. and every ones recomending that your like in the freind barrier for 2 months other wise you just stay a freind, well iv been friends with her 4 over a yr.So wat do I do.
p.s im 13
can someone help me i like this girl for 2 years and we send letters about how were doing and my friends say that i like her and her friends say that she likes me in a teasing way but i asked her to the movies but im not sure she wants to do that so she hasn't replied for 2 weeks so im nervous so can someone help me plez and tell me wat to do
cool knex132 years ago
Walk up to her and say "how you doing"

NAR i'm only joking

Tell her your feelings.
Or make a poem about her
If you make a poem make it about something she likes and not something horrible like puke and if you dont have a shot dont let it ruin your friendship
sheward11 year ago
can anyone help me theres this girl in my class and i really like her and my freinds keep telling me that she likes me so what should i do please help if you can.
guest0000012 years ago
im 14 and im friends with this girl i really like her and im not sure about her but she likes me as a friend does anyone have a solution and dont just say grow up beacause were starting to become close friends and it would ruin our friendship if i get rejected
cuz girls like guys that are confident not an egg or a showoff and where u look when u chat her up make sure u got your act 2gether all guds churr
Hey man heres wat ya do u say hey i want to talk to you and then u say i dont want this to mess up are frienship and then u ask her trust me im 14 to and this works
mic12352 years ago
here is how you ask a girl out, you hang with her friends til she thinks that she can trust you and all then start to eat lunch with her get to know her ask to go somewhere social but not on week days cause for some reason they dont like it and make sure you dont ask them electronicly ask them up front and make sure she likes you and you will know cause she wont look at you eye to eye and she will move one leg back and forth or face down at the floor.
what if you dont have the chance to ask her other than electronicly about going somewhere social
Ok how to ask a girl out first, you become regular friends with her, help her out with heavy boxes and homework and stuff. Then, start to flirt with her a little bit, like tell hr her hair looks nice or you look good today. Meanwhile, look for signs of her liking you. Like being a little shy or not making eye contact with you much. On the day you decide you're gonna ask her out, shower, wear deoderent, and dress nice. Go up to her and ask her if she would like to see a movie or go to an event or resturant sometime. Be prepared to be calm if she says no. If she does just walk away calmly or change the subject. ALWAYS BE COOL AND CALM WHEN ASKING A GIRL OUT!!! If she says yes you scored!!!
Thank you for your time,
P.S. Im 11 so you dont have to listen to me.
This kinda worked for me what I do is, hang with her for a while, get her to trust you, then get talking about a good movie or something then be like "Hey want to see it sometime?" and she will say yes. Also if she looks down/dos'n make eye contact, she probably likes you.
One more thing. They say when you die, you regret what you didn't do more than what you did. Ask her, you'll feel better, even if she denies you.
Guys, 5th grade crap isn't real. Take it from me. Look at your friends friends and their friends until you reach her friends. Climb through those friends of friends, hang out with them, until you reach her friend zone. Don't stay there more than 2 months or your always just a friend. During that time, drop hints, like let her catch you staring at her, compliment her, but not completely directly, like "your ear-rings make your eyes look even better." Get alone time, as soon as you 2and are alone, give her something that makes her think you like her more than a friend like "Finally, some time alone with this sexy lady." Which is a bad line but be creative along those lines. Then ask her when your alone. "Hey, have you seen _______________? I hear it's great! Wanna go check it out this weekend? And make it a movie you will both like with no, like, love, amouré, kissing, none of that. You take it from there.
cj13262 years ago
hey bro im a thirteen year old boy in the seventh grade. Ive had one real relationship which went from fifth to sixth grade. Now after Ive broken up with her to get girls i just flirt the living crap out of them, your just going to have to slowly talk to them in the beginning (which is where you will get your courage for) then after a while you guys become good friends and talk a lot and it feels so good to talk to her because you wont feel so awkward or anything like that, but warning, do not let this part get too deep or you will be stuck in the friend zone and it will be a lot harder to ask her out. Trus me im going through the same thing right now and every time i rtalk to the girl i like and she leaves i alwasy want more it's like really addictive
I may have waited too long because we changed schools now

read my passage below
Im 11 and right now the only girlfriend i can remember i had was in year 1 but i forget if i asked her out or she asked me.So now theres a real y hot girl i like but i may have waited too long .Luckilly she plays soccer for the same club as me and now I'm gonna ask her out shell be the first DATE the other 1 was just for school.
Miles08003 years ago
Hey dude I'm 10 I've had bout 5 gfs if u want 1 write a note or poem to her bow how u feel bout her. At the end write ur secret admirer the next day tell her u like her and maB cause of the poem. Or note shell like u otherwise wait a month or 2 and become friends girls love being friends with boy( btw bewhere u must be friends with Allll her friends and be nice . Hope this helped :) good luck

static3 years ago
Reads to me like you really don't need to ask her out for a date just yet, just make the 30 minutes you get to visit with her quality time. Get to know her interests, that way when you decide it's time to ask her out for a date, you will have plenty of clues as to what to do on the date. We all have to eat, and and sharing a meal is a very sociable activity, so I disagree with the advice to never ask a girl out for meal. Good Luck
GDawg223 years ago
Alright dude, I'm 13 in 8th grade and have had one girlfriend since I was in 5th grade, first just kind of be nice to her and talk to her and be just her friend for now. Then after your her pretty good friend ask her to the movies, do not let her pay or she will think you are a jerk, then just hang around her ask her to go to the game with you and ask her to the prom, after that then you can really start gettin serious. Then ask her to dinner and stuff like that.
heywtzup3 years ago
look dude i'm 12. i have had bout 6 gfs. you schould leave a note in her locker dont put your name on them. girls are always watchin their weight so ask them to a movie or somethin not involing eating. or becomes friends and the after you really good friends then ask her out in person.
kscott93 years ago
You guys are all wrong, everybody knows asking a girl to EAT is the worst thing ever! Even if the girl is skinier then a toothpick all girls are self-conscious about her weight and asking her to eat out with you is the wrose possible way to start a first date. My suggestion. Ride on the train after school. or maybe a bus. and just get to know each other. This is the perfect way to get to know her and relativley cheap first date. a few other good first, second, third dates could be. Walk in the park, going for slurpees. a movie. and when the relationship starts to kick off possibly a school party or get together.

Asking her out- Do not buy her presents off the start, and do not send her notes/poems with no name. she will assume somebody is stalking her. Do not add her on social networks out of the blue. wait until you are good friends.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey :]
acidbass4 years ago
 just go up to her and say this  would you like to get a drink after school and be polite and nice about it but you might want to make sure she isnt seeing anybody
you should ask her to lunch or to eat something. then when shes about to pay say something like oh dont worry about it i got it and hopefully she'l say thanx and step back
Don't let her get that close to paying. she might say ugh em. And then think UR rude.
kinda what i was getting at
awesume4 years ago
If she thinks you R weird and a nerd U should wait about half a year. Sounds like U guys R good freinds she might want 2 be "Just freinds" .(air quotes)Unless she is the shy nervous type she would have already asked U to go out if she likes you. She might not wanna date a under classmen. So when U no just ask her.
Wasagi5 years ago
If you can get her phone number or IM that would help. It's alot easier to ask out words than people... But, if that doesn't work, try to talk to her a bit more, and then, confidently (confidence is key) ask if she wants to go to the movies with you, as freinds, then, you can find out how she really feels about you, and hopefully hook up with her. Good Luck!!
heres a tip dont ask her out through e mail or facebook i did once my relationship lasted a week and a half
Just so you know, it is nothing to sweat. For all you know, she could be waiting for you to ask her out. But don't wait too long. 95% of people would like to know if someone liked them. if you don't hurry, she could find someone else. try writing a note. make it straight forward. don't make it mushy and try not to show her any sign of weakness. do not say will you go out with me, but merely imply it. state that you like her, but don't make it sappy such as:: "Girl, I love you, and we should be together forever. you and me make a perfect team and i just want to kiss you lips, to hold you in my arms and to go to your room at night and..." and you get the point, right? Let her know you like her, but don't ask her out untill you are sure it isn't a mistake. By letting her know you like her, you decrease the chance that she will forget about you and find another. But if you do decide to ask her out, be real sweet about it. Try laying down rose petals at her sidewalk one morning so as she comes out of her house, she finds you at the end of the trail of petals ( out of site until she follows the trail is what you should be) and then give her a single rose and ask her out. I am sure she will say yes if you combine what i have said over the next two weeks or so. But, one last thing: DON"T RUSH IT!
i think girls (that u like) r like a coin u got a 50-50 chance theyll like you
Steamdnt5 years ago
Pull up your pants and ask her, like a big boy, not to be rude, but you need to be swift and ruthless. Don't make the same mistake I did and let her slip away...
Get to know her better, ask her to go bowling or do something social with her. The movies are an ok first date but its kinda hard to get to know someone at a theater. Whatever you go and do just have fun with it. Don't worry about your first kiss its no big deal if you haven't yet. Just be chill and roll with whatever happens. Btw: try looking up instructables on this, I know there are a ton on this exact topic, probably with better advice than me.
you should start to be nice and friendly with her (not tooo nice and friendly or shell guess somethings going on). then as your friendship grows eventually let her know how you feel (and because you are both friends she might feel the same way eventually too). but before you tell her how you feel tel her that you need 2 tell her something but she cant fall out with you if you tell her (then if she says no, you can still be friends. also ask her when shes on her own. Hope i helped :)