I keep seeing DIY plans for "Burning Lasers" are these the same as the red or green
Lasers used to point into the night sky at selected stars,planets etc??
Can anyone direct me to info on this type of Laser?  I don't want to burn anything.
Just a very strong beam that will point out objects in the night sky.

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orksecurity7 years ago
Uhm... You're going to point this laser up into the sky and have it reflect off... what, exactly?

Unless it's foggy or you've got a laser that's too strong to be used outdoors legally without beam stops (in which case you have no business pointing it upward anyway), this ain't gonna work.

Point a finger. It works better.
mathews7 years ago
Are you going to make an automatic pointer? If so, a smaller laser or high power torch would serve for a prototype.
DON'T do this if you are anywhere near an airport. Lasers blind pilots.
A burning laser is generally red, and may be in the invisible infrared  too.  I have never used one, but most star gazing lasers that are listed are green.  Search "laser pointer star gazing" 

I saw one for $20 US at    Don't know if it would work, but a user said: "This is my first green laser and I am very impressed with it. We use it to point out stars and constellations to the kids and neighbors when we have the telescope out at night. It looks like the beam is actually going all the way to the star. Very handy. Point it at a street sign for an explosion of green light."  
Right.  You should just buy one.  You won't be able to build one for cheap unless someone gives you the parts.  Powerful lasers aren't easy to find for free.