the operating frequency will be 49Mhz. what are the required components?

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Xyxyxy11 months ago

please send me circuit diagram and list of components required in the walkie talkie at ...

rathode4 years ago
please send me some videos and circuit diagram on
rathode rathode4 years ago
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ppawar26 years ago
send me Ckt diagram & all component
 I guess you're talking shortwave. Beehard44 made a 25-30Mhz one with a crystal oscillator that's being controlled by his PC. So grab a 49Mhz one and build that on top of an AM Transmitter circuit. Here's one that I just searched a while ago. Just replace the 12Mhz oscillator with the mentioned crystal and you're on your way. Oh, and I'm not sure if the circuit works or not so I'm gonna have to add a disclaimer to this. And please don't make the antenna so big. If you're talking FM here's another one. It's frequency is adjustable using C6 (it's variable I guess).

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible with what you or other people do with the presented information. I don't care if you blow yourself up or get electrocuted or something. Whatever the case, it's your fault and I will not be held liable for whatever happens.

Please send me a circuit diagram for walkie-talkie
Unfortunately, I can't get a hold of it because of my oh-so-limited access to the internet at this time. Search "computer-controlled transmitter" around here in instructables and repla
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Two cans and a bit of string.
A loud shouting voice.