pietzeekoe5 years ago
You can look into FPV gear from hobby sites like them offer long-range transmitter/reciever packages for about $60.There is also a guy who does alot with rc airplanes on youtube who is about to do a video on how to make your own video transmission gear, but his video isnt out yet.


Guy on youtube:
Re-design5 years ago
Look for one on ebay or some other retail store. You can get a pretty good setup for less than $100.

Having worked with and built radio tran/receivers there is not a chance in a million of building a video trans/rec without a ton of expensive equipment, parts and years of experience and people to call on for direct help. You would even need a set of plans. Video transmission is extremely complicated. It makes audio transmission look like childsplay.
+1! Radioshack also has some setups, but they can tend to be expensive. Ebay, Frys, etc. is your best bet.