HOW to make a solar panel if possible explain it with video also in easy way?

how to make solar panels step by step easy with video.

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to do solar panels you need solar cells and wire them in series.
here is an instructable about that.
you can also connect several equal zener diodes in paralel to generate voltage.
From raw silicon ?
Naw man, I wanna make it from beach sand! ;-) Seems like there was some psycho who was posting here a few weeks ago, who wanted to roll his own ultrapure silicon wafers, starting from dirt.  These people just don't know how funny they are.
I WAS gentle with him.
Are you looking to make a large panel form smaller cells or do you want to make the actual solar cells?

You can easily wire solar cells into a large panel but you can't produce your own solar cells.
AndyGadget5 years ago
More homework?

Have you looked HERE?