HP NX9010 LAPTOP dismantling?

After removing all visible case screws I still can't gain access to the inside of my laptop. The DC power socket is intermittent and I need to replace it. The top and the bottom sections will partially separate but still held somewhere. Don't want to force it open. Can any one help please.

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yagis8 years ago
Before preforming a disassemble always look for a manual :
This is the link, but it's got a temper so you'll find it on the HP site.
fwjs288 years ago
uhh, there are probably snaps that you will have to tugg on, prying it open with a flat screw driver screwdrivers for glasses are perfect and prying the case apart...
appolo (author)  fwjs288 years ago
May be... but couldn't see where! Thanks for your reply kind regards.
fwjs28 appolo8 years ago
usually a flat head screwdriver will pop the nasty buggers from their hiding place...
ll.138 years ago
Have you tried taking the screen apart and working down from ontop? If you unscrew the screen hinges off the body there is usually a bezel above the keyboard that comes off and a few screws there, also try taking off the keyboard off first. Most laptops are constructed from the bottom up. Another manufacturer trick is to conceal screws under stickers and the like, either remove any stickers on the base of the laptop or press firmly with a screwdriver over the sticker so if there is a hole underneath it will poke through.
appolo (author)  ll.138 years ago
Will have another go using your comments... no screws under stickers, I'm familiar with that fixing method commonly used on electronic gear. I felt I was almost there but not quite! Many thanks for your suggestion... Kind regards