Handheld LED Stop/Slow sign - How to make one?

I would like to make a combination Stop/Slow sign with the use of LED lights to use for traffic control at traffic accidents at night where visibility is limited. I'm a volunteer firefighter and getting tired of having "close calls" because the person said they couldn't see me even though i'm wearing tons of reflective material. Thanks! :-)

bilko18 years ago

i am in the process of designing and bringing to market such sign , have my first model almost complete just testing battery life

where rare you located? happy  to give you more details
 I'm interested in the same kind of hand held sign. Could you send me something or emnail me about your product? rod@degreasingdevices.com

DIY Dave8 years ago
You could use red and yellow lights made for trailers or cars with LED light bulbs in them.
keydogstony8 years ago