Handy little wall projector? LED / Laser?

I have a need to be able to project simple information on a wall from a short to medium distance away, inexpensively. I thought I've seen something like this but couldn't find it on a recent Google search. Basically, it should be pocket (preferably keychain) sized, and be able to display a few lines of text clearly - enough for phone numbers, addresses, names, some medical info and instructions. This is for a relative who cannot communicate these things herself.

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WHat's wrong with a piece of paper ? It sounds like the data is entirely static.
R.A.T.M6 years ago
use a screen like on a calculator then us a height power led behind it you wold have to be close or far away from the wall depending on how far back the led is to the screen i have done this to make a progecter clock
thegeeke6 years ago
why not just have the info on a photo that is on a photo key chain? I have seen those key chains for around $10.
sshuggi6 years ago
They make those LCD projector clocks like this one. I would suggest buying a cheap one and seeing if you cant replace the LCD screen with transparency paper with the info printed on it. You'll probably have to toy around with the size and boldness of the letters. Light has a way of warping around small obstacles.
Eli_Z (author)  sshuggi6 years ago
That's pretty good, but far too big. I am talking about something the size of a standard LED keychain flashlight.