Has Google started charging people for searches?

I mean, seriously.... Why else would we get questions like "does anybody know how to make <name of food> k thanks" when typing "how to make <name of food>" into any search engine would get pages and pages of immediate results?

This ain't rocket surgery, folks.

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paganwonder7 years ago
I think most  of those who ask us questions that we would have "googled" are too young to remember a world without Google/Internet-  they really don't appreciate what a magical thing it is!    Otherwise, they would have found Instructables like we did- via Google.
RavingMadStudios (author)  paganwonder7 years ago
See, therein lies my confusion. I am too old to be a child of the information age, yet Google (or another search engine) is always my first option whenever I need information on anything. If Google fails to yield results, then I turn to other resources, like the nice crew at Instructables.
My expectation would be that younger people should be even more inclined to use a search engine than I am, not less inclined. Maybe I'm just hopelessly out of touch, but I think a lot of information immediately is better than a little information with a built-in delay. This presumes that the information in question is readily available and not esoteric, i.e. "how to make mayonnaise" vs. "how to coat the internals of my paintball gun with teflon at home, using a microwave oven".
Perhaps it's a habit they're picking up at school?  I can't convince my kids of the ease of Google no matter how many times I demonstrate it.   (or maybe they won't use it because their 'geezer' dad does?)
RavingMadStudios (author)  paganwonder7 years ago
I'm flummoxed. I suppose this might be one of those things that I'm just not going to get, like wearing your jeans belted around your knees or Lady GaGa....
The kids I teach think everything they find through google is on the google website.

They even put "Google" in their bibliographies when doing research.
Perhaps my childrens' teachers are discouraging the use of Google because they are attempting to teach them how to search for things like we had to back in the card catalog days- as in - learning to practice scales before attempting Mozart? 
RavingMadStudios (author)  paganwonder7 years ago

Maybe it's an attempt to teach the kids to have discretion about their sources. If you spend the time doing old-school library research, it may help you learn to recognize the hallmarks of a reputable article. It never fails to amaze me how many of RavingWife's students think Wikipedia is the be-all and end-all of information sources.

Re-design7 years ago
It's people who didn't have parents who answered every question with "what do you think we bought those encyclopedias for".
Personally, I think PaganWonder is right - it's kids, usually, who do this.  It's also parents who have taught their children "instant gratification" by rewarding every question with an answer.

I may be off-base, but I think most who find these questions irritating probably grew up with parents like mine.  Mom taught my sister and I to read at a very early age, and when posed with any question her response was, "Look it up.  Remember how I taught you?"  This, accompanied with frequent trips to the library, helped me to be a self-sufficient person; it didn't take long for me to realize that someone else had asked the same burning question long before me, discovered the answer, and wrote about it.

The irony is that it takes far more effort to create a user name and password for Instructables, log in, find the Answer page, type a question, and hit "Submit" than it does to visit Google (or better, use the browser's search box), type keywords, and hit "Enter".  If only these children had seen a library organized by card catalog, they would understand the value of such a shortcut.
+1 (you stated what I meant in a much more thoughtful and illustrative way,  thank you)
Z..7 years ago
Because they are impressed with the intelligence and kindness of the people here...............
lemonie7 years ago
Like most click-based charges, it's peanuts-a-pop so they won't bill you until you've racked-up $50. This is why Google have a team of people posting these questions around here...
You'll get stung for your usage at the start of the next tax year, 1st Apr.

RavingMadStudios (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Darn it, I should have known there was a conspiracy....
orksecurity7 years ago
Have you tried websearching that question? :-P