Has any one got a how to on building a water welder?

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SusanWang6 years ago
The working principle of water welder is that electrolysis of water produces mixed hydrogen and oxygen gases.But there is no need to build it.Water welder can be offered at competitive price with first class anti-backfire facility.Because 2800 degree celcius, it is widely used in melting gold,platinum ,welding thermocouples and welding enamelled wires.It includes all accessories,flame torch,flame gun,hose,funnel and operation manual.Cheap to get and safe to operate.If interested,please contact me with 21stcenturyjindian at gmail dot com or browngasales at hotmail dot com.
jtobako8 years ago
Do you mean a water resistance arc welder or a hydrogen flame welder?
fgask1949 (author)  jtobako8 years ago
A hydrogen flame. I used one a couple of years back tack welding thermocouplings on a burn tube for testing. I thought it was quite unique concept and wondered if it could be made at home. Seems like the perfect hobby welder with the perfect mixture of H to O.
I have a 4.58 Meg file on one. How well it works is a matter of what you are doing, and where. Opinions vary :)
fgask1949 (author)  jtobako8 years ago
I would like to give it a try. How would I get this file?
I got mine from Pirate Bay.
welder guy8 years ago
to build a water welder it involves changing h20 into hho i think. it said something about that on a youtube video