Has anybody ever pulled apart a digital camera and removed the LCD to use for a new purpose?

 I'm curious to know if it is possible to use a digital camera LCD screen as monitor or tv. Is it possible to hook the device up to a new circuit board so to be able to input video from a dvd or use as a computer monitor?

Would it be possible to use the LCD to make a DIY projector?

Might sound like a stupid question but I'm interested to know how much of a knowledge base one would need to have to complete such a task if it were at all possible. Thanks in advance!

lemonie8 years ago
These displays are designed largely for those purposes. You could, but in practical terms you probably couldn't - too much new hard'n'software needed.

frollard8 years ago
I did exactly that recently - took apart an HP digital camera and now have a pile of parts...

Sadly, the lcd is NOT what you would consider a DIY part.  it has upwards of 30-40 connections and every one of them is important at doing something specific to that model...


no.  you can't use it as a small tv without an EE degree.
Kind of reminds me of this Instructable. There are several other "DIY Projector" Instructables on the site as well. Look through a few of them, and you might find something that'll inspire you.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
sure, but all of those would need super (well fairly) high education in elecronics

and as for the projector idea, it'd have terrible resolution.

You can buy LCDs like those in a digital Camera alone as a component for like 20 bucks online