Has anyone converted their "earth box" into a mini greenhouse to start growing their plants in?

I have converted two of my earth boxes into mini green houses and can grow 60 plants per box

brian31407 years ago
      60 plants!!?? Of what type? I pack 6 tomatoes into, and they do great in my TeraHydro Boxes (see my instructables), but 60!!??
     Are you referring to just seedlings? I'm sure it'd work for a month or so, but like "poi_pai" said humidity is a problem to consider...  Why not just a 72 seedling starter from K-mart for $3.50 instead of a $50 EB?
     I can vouch for the Jiffy seedling starters, as a cold box, cheap and they work, year after year. :)
If you type "mini greenhouse" into the Instructables search box, you will see that you are in good company.
poi_pai8 years ago
I tried once, but it got too humid for my little salsa garden. It was just made out of pvc pipe and translucent trash bags. I didn't make it breathable enough, or I watered it too much, not sure which. Sadly, it didn't work out very well.