Has anyone ever painted wicker furniture? I don't know if I should spray, use a brush or a roller? What do you think?

jtp139 (author) 8 years ago
ok, spray paint it is. Thanks!
mikeasaurus8 years ago
-be outside -protect area around item -light sanding (200 grit), all over -spray can primer -spray can paint -spray can clear cot. In that order. Good luck!
SdaMaster8 years ago
spray paint for an even, hole accessible coat and then clear coat to prevent ruboff
Spraypaint will produce the smoothest results and will probably cover best on that type of surface. There are two problems you need to be aware of: 1. Wicker furniture flexes and moves when you sit in it. This can expose a bunch of the unpainted areas that were inside the weaves, at least until the weight is removed. If you're fine with this, proceed ahead. If not consider either dying the wicker or painting it in a very similar color to the original. 2. Wicker furniture bends when you place weight on it. Choose a paint that's not going to crack and bend with it. Ask your paint store to help find a product that's right for you.