Has anyone experimented with neodymium magnets as pole pieces in a single coil guitar pickup?

I have done some modification on pickups and preamps using opamps to amplify the signal. Since neodymium magnets are more powerfull than what they normally put in pickups I wonder what kind of sound would be generated?

Extremofile8 years ago
In order to avoid string pull, neodymium pole pieces or neodymium powered iron pole pieces should measure maximum 3 mm. in diameter. This site includes a download page featuring demo's recorded with neo pups: http://www.q-tuner.com
A more powerful magnet in your magnetic sensor would give you a better signal-to-noise ratio... to a point. If it were too strong, the magnet would damp the vibration of the string. (I suppose that could be a good thing, if you like your notes sharp and choppy.)

But I don't have experience with guitar pickups in particular, so I can't say whether neodymium magnets would be an improvement or simply overkill. Perhaps the writer of this Instructable could tell you.