Has anyone made a dog booster seat?

I would like to know how I could make a booster seat for my Lhasa Apso. He likes to see out while traveling. I looked at some, but there expensive.  I thought maybe making one from a deep rubbermaid bin and putting a thick firm pillow in the bottom???

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ninapratt7 years ago
For two Bichons Frisees, I put a large square-ish plastic laundry basket on the front passenger side and moved the seat forward so the basket was tight between dash and seatback.  Some creative use of heavy-duty plastic tie-down-thingies attached everything to the seat belt for extra safety.  Put in a bed pillow in a pillow case (makes cleaning easier).  Added a large beanbag microwaved for winter heat.  Put the dogs into their harnesses.  Attached harnesses to sides of basket.  Very happy dogs.
Please remember to shut off car airbag for safety!
karrykay5 years ago
Hi, I have made several. Buy a plastic tote from Walmart. Most cars have attachments for car seats. I used webbing from old dog leash, left attachment on one end, added one to other side after fitting into car, measuring around tote to both car attachments. Then cut slits on sides of tote for webbing to go thru. I sprayed inside and out with spray glue, added batting in and out. Covered with material. Put pillow in bottom to raise dog up and comfort. (my dog would get car sick if she couldn't see out the window) Have a car harness for her, attach to car, safe, comfortable dog!
I've also thought about making a booster seat because the booster seats available aren't very safe (poorly fitted to the seat) or they're too small.  They're also pretty spendy as you pointed out.  My thought was to make a closed plywood box with rails on the top to keep the dog within its boundaries, upholster it, add fixtures for strapping it to the actual seat in the car from at least 3 points, and add another fixture to buckle my dog to the booster.  In the end, I bought a really nice harness (RuffWear) and buckled my dogs in with the seat buckle using a nifty leash.  They're usually asleep in the car anyhow.  Safety is the number 1 concern I have for my dogs traveling in the car which was the ultimate reason why I didn't get a booster seat - I don't think there are any standards for vehicular pet safety.
I really like your idea for a doggie booster seat. Thanks for posting! :-)
frollard7 years ago
It wouldn't be too hard to make, BUT

I personally think its cruel to have a pet in a vehicle that isnt harnessed in.  Puppies get ejected just like people, and its just as messy when you crash.  People need belts...

My concern is that boosting up the dog would make them inherently unsafe-er because they would be close to the relatively weak glass and more likely to have problems.