Has anyone made their own briquette or log maker such as the ones Eko-Mania makes?

I have not been able to find a diy version for such a thing.  These "machines" recycle newspapers etc into logs or briquettes that can be burned in woodstoves and bonfires.


They have one that uses wet paper and one that uses dry.

I am not looking to roll sheets of newspaper though.

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Seems to just be a mold for pressing paper pulp into a block. If you make a rectangular frame out of 2x6, attach some expanded metal on the bottom, and cut a plywood press block that fits into the open top part, that's pretty much all you need, I think. Fill the mold with wet paper pulp, place the plywood press block on top, and stand on it until the water is pressed out. Remove the press block, turn the mold upside down and bang it on the pavement a couple of times until the pulp block pops out.
gloop2 years ago
my briquette machine project:
lgcamp3 years ago
Hey, you don't need any fancy equipment to make briquettes. I make all of mine with a caulking gun and it works great!


You don't have to put separators in the gun to make lots of small bricks. You can leave out the separators and make a small log if you like. All you have to do is drill holes in the lower half of the gun barrel.

djsc5 years ago
see the comments here:

I am still experimenting with this, but it seems to me that the presses don't really offer rmuch mechanical advantage, you can mould them in your hands to look like big lumps of coal, it is easier than the press.

I think making long thin ones for a rocket stove would be good though.
I did forget the Rok stove. It uses round briquettes right off the bat:


You can also burn these briquettes more efficiently in any gasifier stove. Check out my other Instructables for a $50 high power gasifier stove.

Not for indoor use though. Although you can burn briquettes in a typical wood stove.
The real briquette presses put hundreds of pounds pressure per square inch on the material. Makes a dense long burning briquette. Can't do that with bare hands. The round briquette press idea has been around since 1980.

My Instructible has all the info. Go there.

Then watch all the related Youtube videos. There is a whole education out there.
Once you see it all, you will come right back to Lee's press.
peacenique (author)  djsc5 years ago
Thank you for pointing me towards that instructable.
However, your idea of moulding them with your hands isn't quite what I'm looking for.  I don't think I have the strength to do it that way.
Thanks though!
Make a press with my instructions and the plans from Lee Hite:


This is a smaller version of ones they use in Africa etc..