Has anyone seen the online fridge magnet game recently?

A couple of years ago there was a website where you could drag letters around, fridge magnet style, to form words and phrases to your heart's content. The snag was that others would be doing the same, pinching your letters, modifying your words etc. You could do the same to them. A brilliant time waster, but I can't find it now. Anyone seen it recently?

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J@50n8 years ago
kinoy.imans2 years ago

link has dead, try this link from the other http://www.adasaja.net/2015/08/words.html

Pezmc7 years ago
 See http://labs.pezcuckow.com/fridge/
lemonie8 years ago
OK but why? What happened to pens and paper... I saw something a long time ago where you'd draw a line. And other people would draw lines so that it'd evolved into a picture. You could down/uprate other lines as far as I remember it. L
AndyGadget (author) 8 years ago
Many thanks - It was the Lunchtimers one I'd seen before.