Has anyone thought of a way of using solar power for apartment dwellers?

landmanhall8 years ago
I had a small PV in a window for a week before they made me remove it. We arent allowed to have anything other than white blinds in our windows. Now I put it near the floor with the blinds open so it cant be seen from the outside. I have a few mirrors that reflect light into the hallway also. I save about ten or fifeteen bucks a month doing this. We have a strong crosswind when we open windows on oppisite sides of the apartment so I may try a small windmill too. (My box fan spins like crazy when its in the window and off) I dont believe the owners of the apartment will let you crawl on the roof and put holes in the roofing then run wiring to your apartment but you coud ask!
Marlock18 years ago
Make a patio chair out of solar panels. Hidden in plain sight !
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get some solar panels on the roof, some lead acid batteries inside your house, and an inverter