Has the time required for an instructable to be listed gotten longer?

I recently published an instructable, and I can access it through the direct links, but it doesn't show up in the technology recent list... Other instructables that I have published went up in less than an hour... This has been up almost a half day as of now (9:15 cst).  Did I somehow do something wrong, or is this the normal time required?  Here is a link:

canucksgirl5 years ago
I looked at your ible, and you have a few "suspect" words that may have been tripped up in the filters... obviously, I can't type those words here or my comments may not post; nor can I confirm this because I don't have a master copy of the filtered words. At any rate, my guess is that's the cause, and you'll then have to wait for someone to look your ible through. I published 3 the other day and didn't have any lag time, so I can't see any other reason.
thegeeke (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I guess that may be the cause... Any chance you could send me a PM with a few just so I know which ones you are talking about? I'm not one to use bad language, so I'm sure it's not that...

Thanks for your help! :)
I would, but I know for a fact that wouldn't work either. (All our PM's are subject to filters - I've seen some messages not deliver and get caught up for 1-2 days).

(If it helps, you've used a word starting with a "v" several times... I'm guessing that's the main one getting caught in the filters).
thegeeke (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Got it. Thanks... That would make sense. I guess I shouldn't make an ible about removing one of those... (if its what I'm thinking you're thinking...) ;)