Have two identical motor bikes been joined to make a four wheeler?

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acidbass7 years ago
it would be extremely difficult to be safe on something like that
stephen maher (author)  acidbass7 years ago
I,m not to worried about safe I won,t be the test pilot.
okay ummmm do you care about the safety of your test pilot? if so i would not do it if not then the easiest way to join them is to weld a couple solid steel bars to conjoin them
This is better! It's four decommissioned helicopters, plus a blimp, all joined together via a giant space-frame to make an experimental heavy-lifting craft. Awesome effin' video! Awesome if you like crashes that is.

Piasecki PA97 Helistat Accident Crash - helicopter helium-blimp hybrid heavy-lift aircraft

Stop me if you've already  seen this one.
yeah its a great concept but the design needs to be fully thought out not cheapo frame that crashes
Yeah.  This idea of bolting/harnessing a plurality of vehicles together to make one great big vehicle, it is not clear if this is a "great concept" or not.   I mean its a trick that seems to work with horses and sled dogs, but somehow I don't expect it to work well with cars, helicopters, motorcycles. 

And I think the reason why I don't expect it to work is that motorcycles and helicopters are not as smart as horses or dogs.  That is to say there is need for balance, for each individual actor to deliver the motive forces just so.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that the crash of the Piasecki helistat, after like two seconds into its maiden flight, that this was NOT surprising.  Rather it was completely in agreement everyone's intuition, as well as the old aviation proverb, "If it looks right, it flies right," because that damn thing didn't look right at all.

Sure it would have been amazing if Professor Piasecki's creation worked, and he proved everyone wrong, but um... yeah...

There are only two other counter examples I can think of to the bolting-vehicles-together-is-bad conjecture. The first is that freight trains often use more than one engine car to drive the same train of freight cars

The second example is Voltron.  You know five giant mecha robot vehicles combine to form one super mecha robot vehicle, and you know, that seems to work pretty well, er... most of the time.
oh yeah like the 1990's power ranger ZORDS
What a flimsy piece of s__t !
ya think! "the 4th carriage seems to be vibrating loose"
orksecurity7 years ago
Keeping the two in synch would seem to be both difficult and necessary. Better to use a single power train.
If you set it up with dual throttles (left and right), and no front wheel steering, it could be steered like a skidsteer or dozer. It might be awkward though.
That approach works hugely better at low speeds. It's not very forgiving. A wide platform and low center of gravity may help, which is how tanks get away with it.
Yep. Awkward.
lemonie7 years ago

No, sorry, I don't.