Have you any idea what this is?

It seems to be an adjustable clamp for two similar sized objects.
The material is 1 inch wide stainless steel strip.

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iceng10 months ago

North Korea hand cuffs...

tonyowen (author)  iceng10 months ago
Along those lines, I think chastity belt would be better
bwrussell10 months ago

My guess would be a pipe hanger. Two pipes go through the outer loops and the rail holding it all up goes through the center/upper gap. Tightening the screw would both hold the pipes and clamp the hanger to the rail.

tonyowen (author)  bwrussell10 months ago
I don't disagree - I have two of them. However it/they seem a bit posh, complex, and expensive for such a usage.
bwrussell tonyowen10 months ago
More expensive than a steam/gas/water explosion or leak? Certain high vibration/movement areas or places where a unsecured pipe could be especially dangerous would call for a higher quality bracket.

Do you have any context for the items? (Where you got them for example?)
tonyowen (author)  bwrussell10 months ago

Unfortunately no context - got them with some darkroom equipment from someone who did not know the source or purpose of the clamps. One thought is that they might be have some laboratory usage, especially with stainless steel and no security of clamping pressure apart from the spring steel tension..

bwrussell tonyowen10 months ago

i could buy it possibly being lab equipment. Whatever it is it's pretty specialized because the amount of clamping both in the rings and center is tied together with size, which implies specific equipment.

tonyowen (author)  bwrussell10 months ago
I have two of them, so yes they could support pipe either bvertically or horizontally. BUT the 'clamp' construction seems overly posh, complex, and expensive for such a usage,
onrust10 months ago

A pair of tanks clamped together and spaced by the manifold at the top.

onrust onrust10 months ago

Like a mini oxygen and acetylene set up. the wing nut would suggest replacement not a fastener as in a pipe clamp.

tonyowen (author)  onrust10 months ago
I agree, except that both clamps are identical. A single replacement yes, but two are unlikely
tonyowen (author)  onrust10 months ago
Certainly two pipes/cylinders/tubes; don't know about the manifold. However, the materials and 'quality' of the design seem to indicate some other purpose

I'm also inclined to think it is a bracket of sorts for a pair of pipes.

Where did you get it, does that offer any hint or clues?

tonyowen (author)  ThirdEarthDesign10 months ago

I got them with a pile of dark room equipment - however the person giving me the stuff did not know what they were!!!

Dual Fuel Filter Fuel Pump
Bracket/Clamp /Mount, this is a fancy one.


tonyowen (author)  Josehf Murchison10 months ago
I have two of them. However it/they seem a bit posh, complex, and expensive for such a usage, and the' clamping diameter is on the large size - as you say it/they are "over the top" for such use

They are easy to use, you can swap out the fuel filters in an 18 wheeler in two minutes.

I one in the link is a fancy one, some guys like to give their girls bling bling.