Have you ever had a microwave oven talk to you before?

Mine likes to say, "Hi."

A picture of this is attached.  There is indicator light that says, "Hi."

When my microwave says, "Hi" to me, I say, "Hello! Hello microwave oven! How are you today?"

And it just keeps saying, "Hi, Hi, Hi," until... it is done cooking.

When it's done cooking it makes beeping noise, and then it tells me what time of day it is, and then it acts like a clock, telling me the time of day, and it keeps doing that until when I tell it I want to cook something again.

I wish a happy, happy April Fools' Day unto everyone!!!

Picture of Have you ever had a microwave oven talk to you before?
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Yea but it stopped when I quit smoking the green stuff.

Jack A Lopez (author)  Josehf Murchison8 months ago

I really think this answer deserves the BA.

Moreover, I wish I could give a prize to everyone who was kind enough to humor me with a response to this silly question, but Best Answers have something in common with the tagline from that movie, Highlander:

There can be only one.

LOL ;-)

CavemanHoles8 months ago

my school calculator does sometimes

Downunder35m8 months ago

Well, my washing machine somehow knows how much there is in it and even asks me if there are any stains and if so, how to remove them.
Quite chatty that thing actually....

Lucky you, seems like I could only afford the untrained house version... eats socks when Im not looking.

Jack A Lopez (author)  Downunder35m8 months ago

Impressive! My micro only knows a handful of English words.

It knows how to say, "Hi," and I think it also knows, "Lo", but I'm not sure what the word "Lo" means. I think it might be pirate talk, like for example,

"Lo! I see a ship on the horizon!"

Only English !

So what language is it verbose in ?

Only english??
My washing machine is fluent in english, german and french :)
Sadly it still refuses to listen to my instructions :(
Even if I ask very nice "Can you do the load for me without pressing buttons this time?" it stays silent and does nothing until I start pressing buttons.
Seems machines are really picky and don't really listen to anyone trying to talk to them.

Jack A Lopez (author)  iceng8 months ago

I don't think it is really verbose in any human language.

Although it does have some numeracy, knowledge of numbers. For example, it knows how to count backwards.

Also it can tell time, the way a clock does. I might have already mentioned this.

iceng8 months ago

Not impressed with the superb mechanizations of a Furby or iPhone speak but

Really looking forward to a self aware program from

Ender's universe, created by Orson Scott Card.. -.-. . --. -.